GEM supports GMC instruction for GP’s to tell DVLA about patients who are medically unfit to drive

Posted on November 26th, 2015, by , in Press Releases

ROAD SAFETY organisation GEM Motoring Assist fully supports the General Medical Council (GMC) in its new call to GPs who hesitate to report patients to the driver licensing agency.

The GMC this week strengthened its advice, pointing out that doctors play an important role in keeping the wider public safe.

GEM chief executive David Williams MBE comments: “Thankfully most people accept that there are good reasons why certain medical conditions or drugs make it unsafe for them to be driving. But there are some who see it as their right to drive, regardless of what risks they may be posing, to themselves and to others.

“It is in situations such as this that doctors must place public safety above patient confidentiality.

“GEM wants everyone to drive safely for as long as possible, but anyone of any age whose ability to do this is compromised by a medical condition or certain drugs must heed the advice of a medical professional and not drive. If they choose to ignore these warnings, then they are creating an unacceptable risk, not only for themselves but for anyone who happens to get in their way. Public safety must be the priority here.”

GEM’s excellent Still Safe To Drive ( resource offers useful tips and information to help senior drivers keep safe at the wheel for as long as possible. There is also advice on how to have a possibly difficult conversation with senior relatives who may be reluctant to confront their increasing risks.

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